Customize Overview


Customize is a verb that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) but, nevertheless, has a fairly frequent use in our language. It is an adaptation of the English term customize, which refers to modifying something according to personal preferences.

It can therefore be said that customizing an object is the same as personalizing it (adapting it to our liking). The notion of customizing is common in the field of fashion and clothing, although it is also used in marketing.

Suppose a young designer buys a pink shirt. This garment does not have any drawing or decorative detail, but it is a totally pink garment. The designer, however, decides to customize it: she adds a bow, paints some polka dots and cuts the sleeves. In this way, her customized shirt will be a unique and exclusive product, impossible to obtain elsewhere since she modified it with a personal and artisanal work.

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Customizing clothes, in order to convey their personality and philosophy while moving away from the trends that prevail at all times, is something that more and more people are doing.

Hence, many tricks have been disclosed to be able to undertake the customization of pants, skirts, dresses or t-shirts. Specifically, among the best known are the following:

  • Stamp shirts or tops with personal identifying marks.
  • Make, for example, hair bands using the sleeves of any shirt that is no longer worn.
  • Sew or attach studs to sweatshirts.
  • Print pants or skirts.
  • Cut the collars of the shirts.
  • Add lace details to shirts, bottoms of dresses or skirts.

In many cases, what is done is to customize the clothes that are old. In this way, you avoid having to invest money in buying new clothes, which represents a significant economic saving.

With this last objective, it is also common to carry out what would be the customization of home furniture. Thus, many are the people who resort to subjecting old furniture or basic and cheap furniture that they have acquired in a large area to this process.

With this action they manage to renew the decoration of the house and all thanks to processes such as a change in the color of the paint, making inlays and patterns in the lamps or in the cabinets…

Another example of customization can be found in the case of a web design studio that works based on predesigned templates. This company shows some basic templates to its clients, who choose the one they like the most and order various modifications from the designers. The studio, therefore, will customize the template according to these requirements.

In the case of cars and motorcycles, the action of customizing the vehicle is known as tuning (from the English tuning ) and not as customizing, although both concepts are similar.