Congener Overview

Congener Overview

According to, the Latin word congĕner came to our language as a congener. It is an adjective that qualifies something of the same gender or origin, or that arises from an identical derivation.

For example: “Many animals feel sad for the death of a fellow animal”, “I think that all fellow animals should join this fight”, “I know that the opposition will always criticize our projects, what I cannot understand is that some fellow men join their game and try to put stones in the way ”.

It can be said that men are congeneric to each other, as are women. Following this reasoning, it can be affirmed that Lionel Messi, Brad Pitt and Ricky Martin are congeners: all three belong to the male gender. In turn, Paulina Rubio, Julia Roberts and Rigoberta Menchú are also congeners. On the other hand, Lionel Messi and Julia Roberts, or Brad Pitt and Paulina Rubio, are not related if we take into account that the gender difference.

The idea of congener, on the other hand, is usually used with respect to animals that are part of the same species. If a wolf walking through a forest meets another specimen of his species that is injured and approaches to try to help him, it could indicate that the wolf seeks to assist his fellow man.

In addition, we cannot forget to emphasize that in the field of health and specifically physiotherapy, the term that we are now analyzing is used in the same way. Specifically, what is known as congeneric muscles is discussed. These are characterized by being two or more muscles that are characterized by the fact that they perform the same or very similar function.

Congeners can also be individuals that belong to the same area, environment or group. The members of a political party, the members of a trade union group and the activists of a certain cause are similar with those who are located as a whole.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that the term at hand is also used within the fields of medicine, chemistry and well-being. Thus, we come across the fact that congeners are also natural chemical components that can be found in certain alcoholic beverages that have a dark color.

What these congeners do is proceed to irritate both the brain tissue and the blood vessels. For this reason, the British health authorities in recent years have recommended that beverages that contain them not be ingested because, among other things, they come to worsen hangovers hours after consumption.

Among the drinks that are considered to be more “rich” in congeners are rum, red wine, brandy or whiskey.

In the same way, it is interesting to know that among the congeners that can be found in the aforementioned alcoholic substances, histamine, ketones, polyphenols, tannins, amides, fusel oil or amines, among others, stand out.

Congener Overview