Combo Queen, an RPG to Hit Pixelazos and a Psycho Killer as Protagonist

This Combo Queen It has left me quite broken with just a brief trailer and a couple of screenshots. And even more to know that the protagonist is a whole psycho killer volume and back. To top it all the game is a crazy action-RPG. Or a hack and slash with elements of role, as you like it more.

The objective of Queen It is to slaughter thousands of monsters carry out combos gone clip. Click the screen with a finger to carry out attacks and two if what we want is to block the enemy’s. Eye because said its creator that the only way to survive would be stopping the blows of the enemy, since Queen, despite being an aunt with a high attack power, is very fragile defensively speaking.

Like all good RPG that boasts, Combo Queen will have a system of progression in which We will go up in level, unlocking new combos and acquiring equipment to improve a Queen. In addition to what I have told the use of a finger to attack with two fingers to defend himself, there is a third possibility: use three fingers to execute a Combo Burst once we have filled their corresponding bar.

Combo Queen is in stage of development and Alex Ergas, its creator is trying to finance the project through Kickstarter, which has set a goal of $5,000 of which has been raised somewhat more than 1,100 dollars. It is not bad considering that the campaign 25 days left to come to an end. And if you want to know what is going to spend that money, he explains it:

  • Regular and development expenses to continue managing and programming the game.
  • Creation of other necessary content (animations, designs, etc.) to finish the original sketches and the final vision of the project.
  • Effects of remaining sounds and soundtrack development.

You know how it goes Kickstarter If I want to help until a project reaches fruition, right? Choose the amount you want to pay, each with an associated with reward, and we will only charge in our mind if the financing campaign ends reaches its goal.

PS: the launch is scheduled for December 2014 if nothing is twisted.