In yesterday’s post we talked about how the trench coat can be your best friend in this period of change of seasons and sudden climate change and crazy. And really, he’s a buddy. But let me tell you something to sleep over, I was thinking last night (had a lot to do, you can understand) and I realized that maybe I made a serious error: the best friend of Demi-season is not the trench coat (tarãaaaaaaaan) is the Cardigan! OK, the error is not serious, but I thought it added drama to the story. No, I’m not talking about anything fancy or expensive. I’m talking about that cardigãzinho that you have in the cupboard. That same war you use old home over Pajamas when it’s chilly.

The truth is that the Cardigan is a somewhat overlooked by fashion.Seen as kind of monotonous she refers the most basic looks, conservatives and with little information. But I assure you: it’s all pure spite.

Unlike the trench (whose color variation basically goes from black to camel and all), you can find every color cardigans based on COSYCARDIGAN. The price is also a point well more inviting: cardigans tend to be a lot more friends in the Pocket. Finally (and where it really beats washed), in times of crazy time, when it’s cold and then heat of 1 minute there’s nothing more useful than carrying a jacket that fits inside the bag, is it or isn’t it?

That said, to redeem myself from my mistake, today’s post has 6 ways nothing monotonous, boring and well nothing charming using Cardigan.

  1. With STRIPES

Jeans and striped shirt, it’s real easy, everybody’s in the Cabinet and is charming enough. To give more personality to the combo, you bet on a different bag Valley (type this wallet Leopard photo there) or invest on a maxi bracelets.


One of the coolest things of Demi-season’s power mix summer parts with parts more than winter. One of my favorite ways to do this is to combine the jumble Cardigan with a short shorts jeans (of these well rasgadinhos, with face of rebellion) and end with a short-barreled bootie. Perfect for a nice walk at the end of seman (which, by the way is already among us! yey!).


Once the legal combinations of play with little butterflies, and another with little heat. Can be long, can be short, the cool thing is contrast levinha and fluid skirt (and since it’s spring out there, why not invest in a floral?) with the Cardigan comportadinho. You can use with a down blouse and Cardigan open, or without blouse and Cardigan closed. Both total cuteness.


Pants, shirt and Cardigan, practically the combo responsible for the fame of unfunny pro blessed. But it’s nice to use, right? So fret not. Just add an accessory there around this beautiful neck.

Can be a scarf, a maxi paste, or even a little tie butterfly. The important thing is to add an interesting element there. Sounds silly, but the neck is an important focal point and that people pay too much attention. So, add a stately accessory in this region will make all the difference in the look.

  1. With COLOR

Color is a miraculous thing. A good red, a vibrant yellow, a azulzão raise any look. Enjoy that has everything that is color Cardigan and use the pet in looks pretty happy! Can be ton sur ton (as the blue photo here under) or something kind of color block (as this yellow and pink). Or even mix Cardigan of a color with stamped parts.

  1. With WEALTH

The maximum proof that no play dull, just looks lacking creativity.

Did you know that day you have a super chic event, but the weather is chilly and your dress wasn’t made for that? Until this time the Cardigan can be your little buddy.

The contrast between the light and elgantérrimo dress and Cardigan comportadinho is interessância assurance and modernity purinhas.New wealth.

Just watch out for the State of the Cardigan! For God’s sake don’t go to the party with one that’s old, bored and full of balls, huh?

Now just take your drawer and begin to match what’s in the closet. Get to work!