Most women think that only the bust size matters in search for the ideal model, but that’s not quite true: the natural shape of the breast should also be taken into account when buying a bra.


Round breasts are those that have the same size at the base and at the top, and can be natural or created with the help of silicone. They already have a well-defined shape, then allow you to use several types of modeling, with different materials and types of bulge. It’s more a matter of taste really. However, if they are natural and big it is important to use handles and/or strips wider and cover a little more so not end for lack of baggy support.


The breasts have drop calls the bottom more bulky and may or may not present a certain looseness on top, which is smoother. The bulges with that low inflation and promote sinus elevation fin so that it approach the round. Can invest in half cup BRA, shifting this volume to the top.

Breasts spaced

Your breasts are symmetrical, but far away? According to nexticle, there are Bras with the purpose to get them and leave the most beautiful neckline: everything is well attached in the Center, or push-up models, will add more. In any format the separation of the bowls can be larger or smaller. The more grudadinhas they are, the better for this kind of bust. The thin and little structured end up not doing this function.

Asymmetric breasts

These are the breasts that have different sizes, though they are at the same time, a fairly common situation and that can disturb in time to put on a shirt more fair. The thick bulges help disguise this situation better, because one side will be tighter and the other will only model, but externally the visual stays the same. The removable pad is also a good idea, because you can leave one and take the other, or replace it with one of a different thickness.

Different heights

The opposite of the situation before that happens: the size of your breasts is the same, but they are at different heights. In this case, the Bras with fin and with low less rigid structure will help to equalize the difference by forcing the two breasts that they are on the same line.

Additional tips for choosing the perfect bra:

Bra to enhance small breasts or medium

Women with little breast can use the classic BRA, which helps lift and increase the volume. There is also the template called “push-up” quoted above that, besides the traditional liner, also has a filling at the bottom of the Bowl; thought to shape and enhance the breasts. Already the bust of medium size, in addition to the options already mentioned, it is also well settled in half Cup Bras, which are those whose bulge is only three quarters of coverage.

Bra for big breasts

Bras for big breasts should provide good support. The models shown feature handles and wide sides, in order to provide support and security to the woman. In these cases, the bulge is not necessary; but it is interesting to look for fabric options on the base frame and full-bodied.

A few techniques can help you select the best option for you between the various models of bras available in stores:

  • To find out if the BRA Cup size is correct for the volume of the breast, place a finger between the chest and the central part of the BRA: If space is very fair, it’s best to try a larger number. The opposite is also true: If there, try to prove a minor numbering.
  • Wearing a bra too tight is bad for health. So, to check if the band that surrounds the chest is too tight, the tip is to try on the BRA. In this position, the ribcage expands and you can notice if the template will remain comfortable in any position.
  • Make sure the straps remain fixed on the shoulders, without compressing or score the skin, or fall to the sides.