On Saturday the 9th of November is the time for Kaplan; Sweden’s premier auction houses on watches to organise the big important watches. This is His finest clock auction which takes place twice a year in which we selectively pick out the most important and most exclusive models to get into. We at Manolo was able to visit the Kaplans and look at a few selected models.

The more klockintresserade readers will know that the last important watches the 18th may sold this clock for a record price of 1.9 million. With that in mind, the interest record and a number of exciting out has come in for sale.

Before The Kaplans Clock Quality 1 (2)

Rolex Daytona ref 6263. “Paul Newman” -a new copy of the reference 6263 with the legendary Paul Newman-boards. Here from 1969, but not in a not so rare Board that the watch was sold last auction. Starting bid is 350 000 SEK.

Rolex Oyster Chronograph -Urfadern and the predecessor of the Rolex Daytona with antimagnetiska properties and two records from 1946. Starting bid is at 59 000 SEK.

Patek Philippe Calatrava -On approximately 35 mm look this Patek Calatravan not like much to the untrained eye. What makes it really unique is that it is made of steel which is historically extremely rare to see in a dress watch while from Patek Philippe. This particular specimen is from 1969 and by reference 3483. The reserve is at 35 000 SEK, but has already been exceeded.

Before The Kaplans Clock Quality 2 (2)

In the back of the watch is steel hidden Pateks great calibre 27 SC.

Heuer Principality of Monaco -Classic clock manufacturer Heuer (current TAG Heuer) accounted for 60-and 70-century of some of the industry absolutely glorious motor sports watches. Here in the form of the iconic model, the Principality of Monaco from 1969. A model that got the most attention due to its participation on Steve McQueen’s wrist in the film Le Mans. The model has a starting price of 33 000 SEK.

Lemania “Viggen” -one of the few Swedish military Viggen Lemania watches “is”. A classic tvåregisters chronograph of about 42 mm from 1969. One of the more affordable items on important watches with a starting price of $15 000 but that is already over 20 000 SEK. Note the three crowns-the engraving on the back.

Omega Seamaster 300 -Klockkvalitens maybe best buy if you ask us. Urfadern to the Rolex Milsub and ridiculously affordable Omega Seamaster 300 from 1966 in a hefty but charming condition. Starting bid was very affordable 6 900 kr but is already up around 8 000 SEK.

Before The Kaplans Clock Quality 3 (2)

For the full range of watches on important watches we recommend a visit to the Kaplans website.