RIM with Mike Lazaridis on stage they have taken advantage of the opening of the BlackBerry DevCom Americas 2011, which will extend until the next day 20, to make public announcement of the future operating system BlackBerry X, or BBX will be more commonly known, the next mobile platform as It collects the best of the current BlackBerry OS and QNX to merge with the only purpose to continue to allow the connection between people, devices, content and services.

Although already anticipated it during the first days of this month, it has been during the event which takes place in San Francisco when one half of the Executive Directorate of the Canadian multinational has made effective the news that, surely, will be the time required to RIM for effective recovery, in the financial field and in which the trust of users and developers with regard.

Precisely for these past has been for those who has presented a series of tools on the order of the day, including WebWorks for smartphones and tablet, native SDK for BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as the beta for developers of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, the renowned second version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS that drives the tablet of Waterloo and offering support for the implementation of Android applications.

BBX, a unique platform for different devices

More appropriate to a maneuver of marketing than an actual need, RIM not only renamed the platform that will build their devices, but it will also be common to all of them, whether smartphones or tablets.

Developed completely from scratch, this platform will include the operating system from which it takes the name and will provide support any of the existing applications that have been developed for the BlackBerry PlayBook using any of the tools available today, including the native development environment, Adobe AIR, HTML5-based WebWorks, without forgetting the applications Android runtime environment that RIM intends to draw the attention of a large community of developers.

Which, in a way, It is disguising the necessary change of course with a point and apart, and a certain halo of continuity in the field of the tablet, offering developers with developments already existing in the catalog of applications certain facilities for the evolution of his works, as well as certain guarantees in order to exploit them economically through the BlackBerry App World.

BBX will also include the new framework for the BlackBerry Cascades GUI, create attractive designs custom animations, effects, and 3D graphics, that move away from radical form of an already outdated interface that has served for a purposes of the firm for the past 15 years. Is expected to be available as beta before the end of this year.

In the same way, new applications also benefit from some existing features in the latest BlackBerry OS versions, such as the deep application integration with the system also between themselves, push to stay permanently connected services and the jewel in the Crown of Waterloo, BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform.

PlayBook OS 2.0 Developer Beta, Tablet OS 2.0 renamed ever closer

Few were not loyal BlackBerry users who placed their hopes, and their money, in a tablet that seemed to be an unfinished operating system. So the second version of its operating system, subject to revision even in his own name, has become an obscure object of desire for that device owners.

More if possible, after seeing the presentation today of what is capable with the addition of Adobe Flash 11 and Adobe AIR 3.0, enabling the implementation of 3D games. Something that will also be possible to carry out in your own web browser that adds WebGL. Or what is the same, 3D games on the system without lack of Flash browser.

Another of the more interesting aspects of the future operating system is the possibility that the Android application developers to carry their work to the BlackBerry PlayBook without too much effort.

In addition to different frameworks of implementation and development provided to carry out that task, Canadians made available to developers the BlackBerry Packager for Android Apps, which allows port direct applications in a number of processes fully online, allowing the testing of programs to check its compatibility with the tablet, as well as sending them directly to to BlackBerry App World, without any tool download.

Expansion of market and new opportunities for monetization their applications with minimal effort for its adaptation, are claims used by the Waterloo for the broad community of Android developers put them in the spotlight, with the aim of to grow its applications at a good pace store.

Stumble RIM two times in the same stone

In addition to the few innovations built into some models of smartphones that are still in force in the market and a dilated time development of its unique model of tablet, they were the determining factors that RIM does not reach its sales expectations during the earlier half of the fiscal year in progress.

The necessary tax change, not so much by the natural evolution of the company’s technology, but by the threat constant stay totally hook of the fight for the top positions in the ranking of sales in the field of mobile telephony, seems to us more than appetizing.

However, to make everything take its course naturally, RIM will be obliged to meet delivery times in order to not lose the initiative. And experience has shown us on at least two occasions, the disastrous results derived from the commercialization of products with a dubious “ finished ” due to the rush. On this occasion, Lazaridis and Balsillie and his henchmen cannot afford the slightest error. Rush not, but pressure.