You need less so it debuts in Spain – in particular on October 30- ‘Skyfall’, the latest installment in the most successful English film saga of all time. Franchise which, as we all know, this year also celebrates its 50th anniversary. And although this last title of James Bond He had financial problems and, in fact, was thought unable to produce it, in the end, they say, is the most impressive and spectacular of all.

Not in vain, the unmistakable imprint of acclaimed director Sam Mendes and, again, the presence of Daniel Craig, They ensure quality and, by now, continuity of the legacy 007. In this special, you have some Secrets of costumes for the film, the key items of the secret agent, and, in addition, where you can find them, that Yes, as you can imagine, Bond of time not dresses low cost, much less.

Tom Ford dress costume to James Bond

Since the year 1995 the secret agent Bond has dressed, as always, impeccable suits of the legendary signature of tailoring Brioni. It was the actor Pierce Brosnan, the first 007 history that wore this Italian House, and did so for several films; ‘Tomorrow never dies’, ‘The world is not enough’ or ‘Die another day’.

In 2006, Daniel Craig took the baton and also the witness of Brioni. Would not be until 2008 with ‘Quantum of Solace’ when the Texan Designer Tom Ford It would take the reins as Bond official tailor. Times had changed, and then, Tom lived one of its best professional moments, its own line already had four years of baggage and criticisms of their male collections were unbeatable. And it is that, although Brioni will always be an undisputed classic, to the undercover agents, are adapted to the vagaries of fashion.

After the success of ‘Quantum of Solace’, producer nor thought it and for ‘Skyfall’ would repeat the move, with a wardrobe entirely renewed, that Yes. A total of 50 suits have needed for the filming of the latest and highly anticipated sequel. Including the day costumes, preferring greys – mottled, marengos -, black or blue discrete. Some, even with discreet patterns and hatchings in ringtones toasted or grisaceos. Thus explains the own Ford has been the experience of dressing more adventurous English gentleman:

I was very touched when I approached for the first Barbara Broccoli (producer) to dress Daniel Craig in James Bond. I worked with Jany Temime (‘Skyfall’ costume designer) to create the perfect classic wardrobe. I have worked with Daniel for a long time and I know that it looks better when it is more arranged. We did a few costumes, both for the day, as the tuxedos for the night. We didn’t have that much change our suits, James Bond is the style of our man, classical and extremely elegant.

Although surely the most iconic of all the pristine and perfect Tuxedo night blue. A Dinner jacket with lapels and adjusted, much to the taste of Ford, and straight leg pants. A costume so flattering that Daniel Craig has not only used on the big screen, and is that you for the premiere of London, was also the chosen look.

A very elegant outfit, which already is becoming all the rage, so much so that many retailers and firms aimed at mass market have not hesitated to shoot it with more affordable options. But to give you an idea and, depending on the material, a suit from Tom Ford can roam between 2,500 and € 5000.

Levis Vintage Leather Jacket

It is not the first time that James Bond sheaths about Levis, already in ‘Quantum of Solace’ led some Levi completo 306 STA-PREST, jeans straight cut in off-white which soon ran out and, for now, have not become to manufacture. Although it had not worn 007 is a House leather lollipop.

Briefly, in ‘Skyfall’ we see you with the magnificent Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1930s Leather Jacket -a reprint of an original model of the 1930s – a Aviator style leather jacket in dark brown made idalia, belonging to one of the most exclusive of the House jean par excellence (€800 approx.). Some stores online like Bench and Loom or Mr Porter already have it on sale.

The peacoat of Billy Reid

James Bond nor it has to resist the charms of the coat of the season, the peacoat. In the latest installment of the franchise will see you with a Classic jacket double breasted sailor, made of wool and details in brown leather in the neck and in the pockets.

One piece signed by the American designer Billy Reid, and that it has already named as Bond Peacoat. This reinterpretation of the classic navy were put on sale 150 units, and it is already sold out, although it seems, expected a second delivery of 100 units. As you can imagine, for the aniseed garment there is waiting list, it is what you have all ultimately want to be a bit like Bond, at any price (540€).