I’m on the wave of the decoration and does not have a budget marvelous, and I spend a good part of the day on Pinterest or on YouTube, looking for creative ideas to keep a house cool. Some DIY’s are so cool that I couldn’t resist to share here! Come freak out with me on mobile and objects of decoration DIY to do while spending little.

8 Furniture and Objects of Decor to DIY to Make Spending a Little 1

Aline, is it very difficult?

Look, it all depends on your mood and how much you put in to the studies in pre-school (you know, developing manual skills). In general, none of the cases that you see here to guard the great secrets, it is more measuring, sanding, painting, screwing.

And the materials are easy to find?

You’ll find that most of the materials in any shop of building materials or timber. In addition, I really like buying items in thrift stores or iron old.

Suddenly, you can find a piece used very cool, but half-finished, to deconstruct and rebuild as another mobile. The biggest secret to save money in the decoration is the creativity!

8 Furniture and Objects of Decor to DIY to Make Spending a Little 2

Need anything?

YES, DRILL. Look, I wanted to say that you do not need, but need, because you will have to drill and screw some things in these videos. Up would to screw on hand, but I don’t recommend. A tendonitis hurts more than the price of the drill press in your pocket.

In addition, you can always borrow a drill from someone, right? Without an excuse.

8 Furniture and Objects of Decor to DIY to Make Spending a Little 3

8 furniture and objects of decor to DIY to make spending a little

1) table Lamp with bottle of wine

I have a special fondness for this channel, you have already given me many good ideas. Some very easy, like this lamp, other more difficult, as the chair below, but the real is that everything is very possible to be done. And the best: low cost!

Learn how to make a lamp shade very cool with that bottle of wine Campo Largo that you took at the last party:

2) Chair Kraft

This project can scare the most inexperienced in manual work, but you can cheer up when you think about how much you would pay for a chair like this in a store normal. I’ve seen these models sell for$ 500, even more, depending on the wood.

Pine may not be a wood as noble, but the economy is worth and you can paint the color that best blends in with your home.

This channel is one of my favorites, well worth to give a exploited in the videos of the playlist DIY. You certainly will delight by any thing.

3) Sink with old table and basin

People, I was passionate about this project. <3 Is the type of thing that I live pinando on Pinterest, but I don’t have the opportunity to do (in addition to always find that the “rustic” sometimes costs more than the modern. Imagine my face when Erika (youtuber of the video) said that he spent$ 150 to make this sink is beautiful!

Probably she already had the table, but, if you notice well, you will see that the table is really pretty much spent. A thrift store would not be so difficult to mine, right?

Find out how she made this pretty thing:

This is also one of my preferred channels of decoration. In addition to objects DIY, he has several tips for reforming environments (even for rented houses) without spending too much. In fact, there are many sustainable solutions! Take advantage of wave for checking the post we’ve ever done here on the blog with easy tips to be more sustainable in the day-to-day and still save.

4) wall Panel multi-purpose

What I liked the most in this panel is that it offers several possibilities. After making the base, you can make the moving parts that fit in the panel the way you want.

For example: if you want to put it in the kitchen, you can put more hooks to hang pots and pans or shelves the longest to arrange the cups. Use your creativity!

5) Shelf floating

This type of shelf makes success in the decorations of Pinterest, especially the scandinavian style. She has that air, light, organic, which is pretty cool, because the strings do not need to be certinhos to be beautiful.

Here was made with a circle of wood (pine, but you can make any piece of wood, old that find, up a slice of tree trunk.

6) Stand reversed, with “pots flying”

I found the idea creative, he escapes from the conventional and you still get the space, since the place where the pots would be on a shelf, “normal” can be occupied by more objects.

Just did not like very much the colors, but taste is taste, right? When you do there in your house, gives a combined best.

7) Macaw of clothes with PVC pipe

The macaw pipe are much cheaper than parrots new? Not always, but certainly the end result will be much more beautiful than the macaw that you would take home for the same value. The macaws more into account in the shops tend to be quite ugly, in my opinion.

Another advantage is that, as you are the one who is going to do, the macaw will be the way you want. My only tip is to avoid the pipes too long without any kind of support, because the weight of the clothes can envergá them. If you want a macaw more long, just more intersections, not only increase the length of the pipe. Gave to understand?

Anyway, watch here:

8) Pendurador bicycle with PVC pipe

Another solution nice made with PVC pipes! I love bikes in the decoration, including inside the house, and the pendurador pipes still gives an air of the industrial environment, stripped. It all adds up to, understand?

Here’s how to do:

Felt like you put your hand in the dough? Will run any of these projects? Has any furniture or object of decoration that you yourself have done and have paid little? If yes, tell us here in the comments or post a photo on Instagram by tagging us! @OficialPlataoPlomo