5800 XpressMusic Available for Booking

Terrible disappointment. At the presentation in London of the 5800 XM announced an sale price 279 euros without taxes or subsidies. Days later, Nokia Spain assured US that the price would be even more amazing, and indeed it has been, but negatively.

We have been listening to news about the commercialization of the 5800 for a time in Russia that it pointed to quantities other than the barajadas so far. Since yesterday it is possible to book in the online shop of Nokia Spain the 5800 XpressMusic, albeit at a price enough high It had been hoped.

One of the biggest attractions of the 5800 was its so-called price. In my opinion, Nokia got out completely suitable for the difficult times we are living. This miscalculation It is incredible, and you can have with the expectations created around the product. The only consolation for those who had gotten illusions is expected that Movistar is not again to be wrong, when it comercialize it. If we want it free, you can already book for 429 euros.

UPDATE: Nokia has confirmed to us that this is the official price and that, in Exchange for the increase, will offer 100 euros in the Music Store.