A curious thing that happened with the popularization of Bermuda color this summer was that the jeans found more space at the top of the look, after all your neutral character allows a perfect balance between the pieces, a great option for those who want to wear something colored, but I don’t want to exaggerate. Below we list 4 options to look for summer using denim shirts and shorts color:

1-Color Shorts With Short-Sleeved Shirt And Boat Shoes

Even being a feminine pink color considered can have your tom slowed down for a discreet and denim shirt without washing. The sider reinforces the tone “walk” the combo complemented by striking accessories, ideal for a walk on a nice sunny day.

2-Indigo And Light Blue Strech Bikini Pants Shirt Shorts With Sneakers Vans

How about a visual a little more discreet? Despite colorful shorts Indigo, almost violet, is conspicuous, contrasting perfectly with the light blue strech bikini pants shirt behaved, no wear, or wash effects and which must be used with the sleeves folded. The neutral shoes and take complements very well this urban look and relaxed atmosphere where the Accessories give a charm.

3-Red Shorts With Vintage Style Denim Shirt

The classic shirt makes against part-tall red shorts, giving life to look complemented only by neutral items. The pieces with leather details enrich the visual and let more cohesive, including tennis off-white.

4-with laser print denim shirt and Brown shorts

This combination has already been commented on here, but it’s worth talking to your respect again, since it’s your greatest feature is on the shirt with laser pattern made and wear that make the play the visual focal point, unlike previous looks the color your greater prominence as bermuda. Footwear wine gives a nice touch to the set, leaving the more vibrant.

Additional Tips:

-If your city is very hot choice chambray shirts (or chambrê) that is very similar to the jeans, only much thinner and cool;

-If the heat is extreme or think in long sleeves, invest in short without a second thought;

-Who is too thin can opt for a shirt with comfort modeling if you want something for the town beach-style silhouettes drier leaves look more elegant;

– The fat should opt for comfort for modeling does not highlight what should not. Use the second combo with open shirt and the shirt underneath is very well to verticalize the look and refine the silhouette;

-Who is very low you have to avoid very long shirts, they shorten too much, the ideal is that they end up a few cm before the end of the hip;

-The altões benefit from the high contrast between the parts, especially in the combinations 1, 3 and 4, the second option still works fine, but not as much as those cited previously.