The Ninth Edition of The Humble Mobile Bundle Comes with Devil’s Gift Attorney

As usual, every Wednesday we are aware of the renovations of the Humble Mobile Bundle, which opens today with the ninth edition of games for Android. The mechanics of this page are well known, but today there are more.

And it is that, without having to pay anything, we get the game Devil’s Attorney, He talked about a couple of years ago. To do so simply you have to subscribe to the page and then have the game in the download page.

This time the bundle comes with six sets of remarkable quality and very varied in terms of their genres. The price to get all the games is of less than three dollars, with more games that will be added the coming week for those who pay more than the average.


A classic graphic adventure. We control Kate Walker, who will be involved in an adventure that will have to pass through different epochs. A very long adventure and that it will take a whopping 1 GB of space.

Neuroshima Hex

We spent a board game by shifts in strategy which prevail. Four armies face each other to try to dominate all the possible territory in a war that lasts for 30 years now and it is in our hands to finish it once and for all.

Bardbarian: Golden Axe Edition

The mixture of a barbarian and a Bard brings us this game. We will have to invoke units with our music and to avoid that the village is looted by the beasts enemy, for those seeking a different gameplay.

Leo’s Fortune

Leo completo Fortune is played by a piece of fluff, the millionaire Leo, which have stolen his great fortune. Its mission will be to follow the trail of gold coins to give with the thief and retrieve their great fortune.

Out There

Within a few years the human race will attempt to colonize the rest of the solar system and send a series of colonizers to terraform other planets. However, the ship that traveled ourselves comes out of her course and we find ourselves at an unknown location.

First Strike

The scenario is a nuclear war in which we will have to beat our rivals. That Yes, we will have to make sure that we can defend ourselves from attacks that we launch, since all countries are armed to the teeth