Sony’s smart watch doesn’t have features like camera or microphone, but is lighter, elegant and has compatibility with most smartphones

The Apple abandoned your small iPod nano, which had as one of its attractions the possibility to be used as wrist watch. But Sony did not give up this market and recently launched the second generation of your SmartWatch clock. The release was near the arrival in stores of the Galaxy Gear, smart clock from Samsung.

The SmartWatch clock 2 (R $1,000) brings improvements in relation to the first model, but the consequence of this is a nice increase in your value. If the first Sony SmartWatch clock cost about R $500, that passes costing twice as much. But the utility still is limited. We’re going to test.

In favour:

  • Larger screen, easier interaction;
    • Screen technology helps conserve battery power;
    • Works with any Android 4.0 or higher;
    • Waterproof.


  • Less discreet than the first version;
    • Some features only work with Sony devices;
    • High price;
    • No different features, such as camera and microphone.


Look big, watch the SmartWatch clock from Sony doesn’t escape the ordinary and has no boldness of design. It’s beautiful and well taken care of in the finish, but remember even the older iPods nano from Apple posted a bracelet.

He is much larger than the first smart watch model from Sony. Of 3.6 cm, SW2 is 4.2 cm across, 1 cm thick (against 0.8 of SW1) and 47 grams against 42 of the first.

Another difference is that the clock is no longer a clip that is coupled to the bracelet, and a mounting accessory equal to a common clock. That is, it is no longer possible to use the SmartWatch clock in other places other than the pulse, which is a shame.

The finish is in matte black and the Watch has the all-aluminum body, with a Silver Ribbon in the upper edge. The front brings the screen, a sensor and three buttons on the Android system (back, home and menu). The left side is a cover which protects the connection and on the other hand we have the power button, round and silver like the ones we see in mobile Xperia line 2013.

The cover protects a micro USB connection, novelty in SW. The first model the connection for data transfer and charging owned. Now, any cable can do the job. This cap (which is pretty hard to open) also helps guard against dust and water (for up to 30 minutes submerged in up to one meter of fresh water).

The bracelet pattern that accompanies the SW2 is as big as he. Silicone, she is very wide, almost the same as the clock. The wrist usually thinner women, it may be disproportionate.

The color of the bracelet is the traditional black, but there is the possibility of change of color and model too. Although no opinion, this bracelet can be changed, and there are at least eight other color models and different materials, like leather.

There is no official information about the sale of these extras here in Brazil, but Sony says that it is possible to use any watch bracelet that has the standard 24 mm, increasing the range of possibilities.


The display of the second generation of smart watches Sony increased slightly, from 1.3 to 1.6 inches (220 x 176 definition pixels), being still a little small. No LED or AMOLED, LCD is transreflexivo, meaning that it reflects and emits light.

So, this screen works both ways: when inactive, it becomes reflective and displays the hours of very good way for bright environment. When we are interacting with the SW, the screen becomes transmissive and acts as a common LCD display.

This saves battery and allows the SW2 function normally like clockwork without having to press any button to see the time. Common mode, he is not very bright and hard to see under the Sun the sensor above the screen helps to control the brightness according to the lighting.

The first for that model, Sony has vastly improved the quality of the response to the touch of your fingers. The same goes for the buttons that are off-screen. The glass is also tough, and days of use you didn’t bring any risks.

Operating system and usability

The configuration is quite simple if you follow the right steps. Through NFC, SW2 and the smartphones against already organize the download of the application that will control the clock for smartphone. You can also perform the paired via Bluetooth, but is less practical.

Is the smartphone you control almost everything in SW2: install, remove, and configure apps and updating firmware. It is also in the application that the user manages settings like screen brightness, vibration and themes (ten in all).

With the insertion of the capacitive buttons, you no longer have to learn one or two fingers gestures, in different directions, to perform various tasks, like in the SW1. Every vibration in your arm, you know that there is a new notification being given.

The screen is enough to provide quick info as SMS, emails, Facebook updates, and others. The visual of the most useful extensions is beautiful and well scaled to the size of the display.

There’s a notification bar at the top of the screen, as in Android phones. It cannot be accessed from the inside of an application, but at home it can be seen. The home consists of several Windows that are home to six miniapps each.

The only really annoying thing is having to hit the power button then from home to get to the system; There are many steps to come up with something that should come faster.


In fact, what we have on the SmartWatch clock from Sony are not apps, it calls extensions. Some are native to the device, like an alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, flash light (only configures the appliance with white screen), settings and calls (Xperia devices, you can answer or reject links).

Are not thousands, but hundreds; many extensions are already available at Play Store and Sony’s apps stores. Some are silly and simple, but many of them are useful, and many of them are manufactured by Sony itself, which implies the installation of these extensions.

Among the most useful external extensions we have Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, calendar reminders, smart camera (pictures and writes by SW), call Dialer, controller of the player, smartphone messages, Calculator (too bad the interface is horrible), photo slideshow, among many others.


The battery works better than the previous model. With normal use of the day-to-day, checking notifications arriving and using certain functions, it is possible to make him spend more than two days away from the socket. With little use, up to three days are acceptable.

However, if the use is more intense (use for sports, with the app Runtastic, or playing Snake or Blackjack, for example), the battery is drained in 12 hours (but I doubt that you use him for so long for these functions).

It’s no miracle that total duration because, in fact, there is an excess of resources consume in this way the load. It is worth noting that the use of the clock also affects the smartphone battery. You have to keep the Bluetooth connection turned on constantly, and the clock itself frequent cell phone query to check for new notifications.

What’s in the box

The SW2 box, all square in acrylic, presents the SmartWatch clock along with your bracelet. Escondidod at the back of the box have manuals in various languages and a small USB/micro USB cable.

Who it’s for

Compared with the Galaxy Gear, the SmartWatch clock 2 is much simpler, but is compatible with most cell phones. It has no camera, microphone, speaker and other more advanced features.

The SW2 is very handy when, for example, you want to change the track of the music you’re listening on the bus. Rather than squeeze to get the smart, can simply move everything “clock” – which shows the hours, too, by the way. For the brave, you can check out tweets, blog posts, news, SMS and calendar.

So, if you can spend (much) more to add convenience to your appliance and to your day-to-day, the SW2 from Sony is a good choice, not only for users, but also owners of other handset manufacturers with Android.


Sony SmartWatch clock 2

Price:R $1,000
Configuration:1.6 inch screen and resolution of 220 x 176 pixels, Android system 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, Bluetooth, NFC, USB.
Dimensions:4.2 x 4.2 x 1 cm
Weight:47 g
Battery life:Up to 72 hours in stand-by mode/up to 12 hours in heavy use
Items included:appliance, silicone bracelet, manuals in different languages and USB cable.