While almost all of the specialized media have the view set in the Google I/o 2012 which is taking place in San Francisco, of Cupertino could be using to perform “ shadow ” changes in its strategy to they would be recipe for the appearance on the scene of new and long-awaited iPhone generation.

In fact, that is what emerges from a new rumor coming of an Asian portal, which He cites as sources some of the main suppliers of Apple in Taiwan, According to which they would have received the request to accelerate the production of new components to proceed with its supply during the month of July, while preparing for mass production during the month of August. We could be wrong thought and say that it seems these days at the Google Conference could have provoked such a decision, but apparently everything has merely financial roots.

Drive designed by Apple for the third quarter financial results This year could be one of the reasons for a possible change of dates, if we understand such a change as that release that iPhone 5 will supposedly be called would be planned from the start to the month of October, as happened last year with the iPhone 4S.

This delay, with respect to the month of June until then had become usual date for the presentation of the new smartphones from Apple, It became the main reason for the poor financial results for the third quarter of last year. Clearly, the poor that, at the moment, one can understand, given the buoyant financial situation of the company.

However, Wall Street, the economic slowdown in old Europe and an industry on alert trying to keep any other ACE in the hole in the face the last bars of the year, appear to be reasons enough to think that Cupertino could try to catch everyone off guard ahead of the official appearance of the new iPhone in September.

Although arguments in this case seem to be quite strong, there is no official evidence that this is the case, for which grant to such information the benefit of the doubt… at least for the moment.