No doubt, today is not a good day for holders of a smartphone Nexus One. Despite promises made from Google about the continuity in the updates of future versions of operating system, with little less than two years of existence, the first mobile device of the Mountain View No it will host in its bowels Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Information coming directly from their own Hugo Barra, one of the most responsible in Google’s mobile platform-related products management, arguing that the hardware of the Nexus One is not able to provide adequate support for the implementation of the new operating system.

A fact that never ceases to be odd, considering processors and RAM that the Nexus One & Nexus S is equipped with are identical in speed and capacity, respectively. However, commissioned to announce the next obsolescence of the first of the Google phones has strived to remind insistently that the Nexus S, as well as the next Galaxy, Nexus will have Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

An end of journey that comes suddenly to this terminal, at least in an official way, as that will not be few versions of Custom ROMs for the device that, after this official announcement, will be adapted by different teams of programmers in order to assemble the latest version of Android in its necessarily obsolete devices.