Ingress, Strategies Advanced Defense and Construction

You will notice that the section of defensive techniques is much more concise than the strategies of attack, we published a couple of days ago. Ingress is not intended to defend, and there is little you can do against an opponent who is determined to conquer one of your portals.

When installing the Resonators in the portal, it is important position yourself as far away as possible from the Center. In this way, they are more dispersed, and receive less damage in an attack. This is first of Ingress.

But thought in the actual physical location of the Resonators. If one of them falls within a building, it will be more difficult that an attacker will fall over. If some are on the other side of a fence, then the same thing. Placed there at the highest level and will be more difficult to attack the portal, and most likely defend it.

You will remember when I spoke of the ultrastrikes and that using them in the center of the portal does not jump attack warnings. Well, we can avoid it by placing one of the Resonators close to Centre. The minimum distance is 18 meters, although as calculating eye is difficult, put it centradito and ready. It will give us the tip-off of an attack with ultrastrikes.

Selective recharge

Defending is to recharge… as if you were in this life. He spends cubes before running out of energy, but wasted part of the cube. This avoids you wastes of time. Reload all the Resonators, or focus on those who are worse.

But it will not always be. Ingress fails much while recharging. It will tell you that the portal is full, and seconds later you’ll see that it is neutralized. It is frustrating. But sometimes it works, and the opponent gets tired. Sometimes we can do you spend more armament even if we lose the portal, which is something.

The trick is to reload only that resonator having more level. Costs the same attack a resonator to eight, but It is much cheaper to defend one to eight. In non-strategic portals soil make it to wear down the opponent, reserving cubes of low level only for these cases.

It is located where the opponent is attacking. If you are on one side (the Resonators on that side suffer more damage), charging only those on the opposite side. You force him to move, to waste time. You get tired it and bored.

Keep your loaded portals

There is nothing more enjoyable to reach an area of your enemy and see that their portals are at half load. Half effort to achieve the same. Provide for this by keeping your ornate portals. Even if non-strategic. Indeed, especially if they are not strategic. Play the dismissal.

Each ride is a good time to pick up XM. Before leaving home, you spend all your energy and to stop you charging portals. Way back? Same operation.

If you have low level, it seeks to optimize your XM recharging those portals you have closer. Look at efficiency before recharging. If you are below 90 percent, perfect. If not, charging others before.

To camping has been said

The real goal of Ingress is create fields, the largest number of them, the larger that it is possible. Finally and after all, it is the way to “influencing the minds in favor of your faction”. Is the creation of links and fields where you have to devote more effort and more coordination with other players, and where they exit the best moments of the game.

A field of 15 million MUs gives as many points level as one of 1 MU, but supports local and global statistics of your faction. In addition, it has much more merit and epicidad.

Can I influence twice to the same person? So yes, in Ingress can be nested fields, and the same area MUs scored in both fields. The trick is that a whole field is inside the other, starting with creating the smaller field and covering every time with one larger field. The simplest way is taking advantage of nodes and links in a field for the following.

In the picture below you can see an example of how to build these nested fields.

Another option is to take advantage of that You can bind to the inside of a field from their vertices exterior. Thus, we can create the large field and then create inner fields. It is advisable to plan the order in which we are going to create them, to not make mistakes before Intel. Of course, an operation so requires collect keys to spare portals to bind.

Please note that from a portal can only launch eight links, Although any number of them can be received. The record is in 2951 cast into the same portal links.

If you see that your opponent tries to create a field, or that frequently mounted the same field, you can make work hard it launching links for defensive or firewall, that you cross the area where you intend to create the field. You must destroy your link before to complete his.

Large operations, anomalies and artifacts

If your goal is to create a field that covers your country or continent, creating a curious drawing with fields, or anything involving much more movement than usual, you’ll have to work in a team.

Contact the local group of your faction, where more experienced agents coordinate strategies. They are responsible for working with other remote groups, transferring keys between agents, and prepare major events, such as anomalies and artifacts.

In these events, organized by the developers of Ingress, the two factions vying for control of specific groups of sites. At the end of the measurement, beat the side that controls more portals, links and fields in that area. The exact rules tend to settle a few days earlier, and sometimes changing on the fly.

During the fighting of the anomalies we can have 20 officers each faction fighting for a same portal. Is obvious that the usual rules do not serve much. For example, recharge when there are dozens of players throwing XMPs level 8 is like putting out a fire with dropper. Each side has its own confidential strategy manual, drawn up on the experience of previous events. If you are going to participate in an anomaly, It is crucial that you coordines with your local group.

One of the awards is usually a track where an artifact appears. They are special objects that appear in a portal and should be transferred to another very remote, often thousands of kilometres away.

This should link to portals at a specific time, all while rival agents try to prevent it, in a battle globally that usually takes weeks. Again, the rules tend to change on the fly, to greater confusion of the players involved.

Find out through your local group, or directly on the page of Google + official Ingress. Yes, Google +. 83 per cent of the users of this social network are players of Ingress. You’re not Ingress player until you are not subscribed to several communities of Google +.

Regional score, how it works

And now is when I speak of the ultimate goal of Ingress: increase score influenced minds. The goal of each player is capture mental units (Mind Units or MUs) creating fields. Large fields on populated areas give more points. But they score, they must be active at the end of a “checkpoint”.

Each of these blocks of time lasts five hours, and they are grouped in cycles. A field rate if and only if it is active at the moment that is marked the checkpoint at the time point. Although the field hold just three seconds more. And if you create a field that holds until one second before the checkpoint, will not be counted.

Your fields will add points to your local cell, an area that often cover several major cities. The score of each cycle is saved and can be found, to see what faction predominates in the scores of each cell are added to the global score. Which faction will be in head when it ends the cycle? There is another prize that pride.

You can help by not only creating fields, but destroying fields of rivals and thus avoiding further scoring. In this case, your name will not appear in the list of best actors, which is reserved for those who capture more MUs.

Levels 9-16

Once reached the level 8 already have access to all objects in the game. But you can still follow up to level 16. Is actually rather honorific levels, which they do not constitute a significant advantage for the player.

Up to one of these levels you get not only APs, but also must have a minimum number of medals. A detail, if the requirement is 2 medals of gold and 4 silver, this is interpreted as “4 medals in total, of which at least 2 must be of gold and the rest of silver”. Hey, a gold also counts as silver.

The benefits are one greater capacity in our energy bar (from 10,000 in level 8 up to 14,400 at level 16), and a greater distance may be charged to which portals.

Create many links and fields, visit and conquer many different portals, mounts and destroys many portals. That is the only route to access these levels.

Suggest new portals and reporting erroneous

A way of enriching the game is requesting new portals. When you walk out there keep well attentive eye in search of interesting buildings, unusual places, statues, fountains or striking urban art. Leaves pressed into the scanner, select “New website”, give it a name and description and send it.

You can spend more than one month (and five!) until you get a response. The descriptions are not mandatory, and the striking and amusing names often help the process of acceptance. They are sometimes rejected portals incomprehensibly (try again), and are sometimes well a wretched piece of sidewalk or a sewer cover. The designs of the “monkeys” (a nickname given to Niantic managers who accept portals) are random.

If you see a portal of a statue that is no longer there, or that there are two portals of a same monument, which the portal is 500 metres away, where it is assumed that it must be, or even if there is a typo in the name, you can report it so that they correct it.

You can even add a better photo for which there is already.

Each one of AP will give these actions you, If they are accepted by Niantic. If it’s new portals, also received a key and account for one of the medals, the “Seer”.

Players during the anomaly Helios in Cologne

“Farmeo” of keys

Sometimes I am interested in have many keys from one or more portals, in anticipation of a future operation, create nested, or especially strategic portals or inaccessible fields. This is lle called “farmeo” of keys.

It is obvious, but we must insist: a portal does not give you a second key if you have one in your inventory. So two options before hack: or release it to pick it up then, or more safe, discreet, and slow, unfortunately, choice of store it in a capsule.

Here the heat sink is your faithful friend. You need to get the largest possible number of keys in the shortest time. But remember that only you can hack a portal four times over a period of four hours. So is usually mounted a multihack in these cases.

But curiosity of the heatsink: to install it gets to zero timer hacks. So if hack 4 times, plus other 4 by a common multihack burn portal. But if then you install a heatsink, you have 4 + 4 hacks available, starting immediately.

If you have much, much hurry, a trick is to hack, installed a common heatsink, and hack. Two options to key in record time.

Strategies in areas of high concentration of portals

In any large city you will find the typical Park with lots of portals, due to the large accumulation of posters, fountains and statues. These areas are very greedy to convert them in temporary farms, as well as to level up in a short time.

It is very easy to sweep if they are from the rival faction, getting many points by destroying Resonators, links and fields with lower cost in armaments, to then create a similar number of links and fields.

For this reason, they are difficult to maintain, Hence the degree of temporality of which I speak. They are typical areas where veteran players help newbies to level up, or come to the group to retrieve inventory.

Install 45 resonators in a portal

Do you think that the installation of resonators medals are very demanding? This trick will help you achieve them. You can put up to 45 resonators in a neutral site. The trick is to start with level 1 resonators and improve them.

We started by installing 8 resonators of level 1. Ingress does not stop to improve a resonator if the portal is not fully assembled. Then we take one of these resonators and improve it to level 2, 3 and 4… up to level 8. We went to the next and do the same thing coming up to level 7. Then the following two to level 6, and so on.

Note that this operation requires many XM, so you’ll need one or two cubes to complete it. As for experience, you will not receive more than the usual capture a portal, because APs to improve your own resonators are not received.

Illuminati agents during the anomaly Interitus Malaga

Strategic websites

We have spoken of strategic websites, But how to identify them? Input, discards any that are in the center of a large city. A portal is strategic when it is of great help to close a large area.

Typical strategic portals are the square of a small town in the mountains, without any other portal in tens of kilometers. That is the end of a forest road. The one where there’s no coverage of two of the three major operators. Even I know cases of portals where there are only satellite coverage… These are the best.

So like the creators of large fields in Ingress more exploring neighborhoods on the periphery to historic.


In Niantic play to hide passwords, or “passcodes”, in his videos, posts and articles. Some are fairly obvious and others require a great effort of decryption. These codes can be inserted from the scanner or from the Intel map, and provide APs, XM, objects, and even special medals.

Codes are circulating and replicated at high speed by the Hangouts and they can be used by a limited number of users. Therefore, if you take much you’ll see as you get a message of “Fully redeemed” rather than the prize. Sometimes they run out in no more than three minutes.

Access to the best “passcodes” groups is by seniority or merit. When players from each of these groups believe that you deserve to be, you added.

Stay abreast of the developments of Ingress

It is very important that you stay abreast of the latest developments in Ingress, according to the official accounts on Google + or on Twitter. From time to time there are major changes or temporary situations that affect the game, that you may be misplaced if you do not hear.

For example, this past summer the rate of discharge of the Resonators changed several times, from 7 days to only 3, then up to 4 days, to finally return to its original state.

During this month of November each action gives twice the APs, in addition to portals give a greater number of pumps and Resonators than usual. From time to time appear new medals available only for a limited time.

But well, you do not entertain more, It is time to move.