WebOS on The Doorstep of His Disappearance According to HP Employees

Formally, HP has not yet taken a decision about the future of its division dedicated to the development of webOS. In fact, own the multinacinal American executives claimed in one of their last meetings that the final decision would take place in the course of the next few months. However, for some members of the mobile platform development division, the demise of webOS is almost a fact.

The brain drain among the ranks of HP seem to be the prelude to a decision which is postponed in pursuit of a necessary improvement in the financial results of the signing and release of stocks, in whose objective It seems to prevail the rescue of the professional division of PCs on the sale of the platform to any other interested company or the transfer of licenses for the use to third parties. Options both for which, apparently against all odds, there has been no interested.

In the words of one of those interviewed by The Guardian newspaper, there is a very high chance that HP’s definitive shelve the incursion of the company in the field of mobility in the process to the imminent closure of the division and to the dismissal of its employees during the month of November. A move that would affect about 500 jobs as an added factor,.

Some analysts already have spoken on the subject, describing the decision to correct, In addition to encouraging Meg Whitman, current Executive Director of HP following the dismissal of Léo Apotheker, to make effective advertisement as soon as possible.