We Spoke to Siri in Spanish and Put Applications a Day in The Aftermath of The WWDC2012, Campus Cupertino

Already in full hangover of the WWDC2012, innovations in the iOS world, don’t stop. We began the week talking about AutoLayout, a tool of the development kit 6 iOS in order to create resolution-independent applications, we talked about person / an app to share what we love on the Internet and we discovered with Asymco there are already more iPhones and iPads, iPods to. You had how to install the beta of iOS 6 without a developer account, and the possible landing of Mozilla on the iPad, with the Junior project.

We were not leaving one of the major novelties of iOS 6 Siri in Spanish, with a screencast to show you how it works. If you have small children, surely that DoReMi Zoo will love them, and perhaps this dock for iPhone with Air Purifier you come well. I also showed them Just Type, improved application of notes, and I showed them an interesting picoproyector for iOS devices for less than €80.

The iPad version of Bento 4 seemed rather more complete to manage your databases, and with Launch Center Pro you count with a quick way to perform common actions with your iPhones. Tumblr updated its app for iOS to surprise us all, and Telefónica launched Movistar Imagenio for its iPhone and iPad customers. If you like the idea of creating games for iOS, but you assume enough knowledge of programming, try Gamesculpt 3D, and if you aburrís, nothing better than a to fund The Act for iOS. We read in a week!enjoy it!