Tim Cook Will Interview with The Deputy Prime Minister Li Keqiang Chinese Trade

At least 3 days ago that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO walks through the streets of Beijing, in China and, as you can see in the photo above, wastes no time and as It has met with, at least, a great Chinese representative (we assume it will also leverage the trip to visit the factories of Foxconn and see first-hand the conditions in which they work there).

We are situated a little, Li Keqiang is a Chinese economist, Deputy Prime Minister of the Council of State of the People’s Republic of China, Member of the Committee permanent of the Bureau politician of the Committee Central of the Communist Party of China and, at the same time, an official of the National Commission for development and reform national (the same people who produced the report on the seven strategic pillars for the correct development of the jaded economic future that we discussed a few days ago with reason the investment of Chinese operators in Cloud Computing). Also likely that it could happen to the current Premier (head of Government) of the Council of State. Come on, that is a fish of the thickest.

According to the news agency china Xinhua, Vice Premier Li and Cook sat down to talk to discuss the different ways to strengthen China’s economy and improve the protection of intellectual property rights. Li also said:

Be more open with the outside is a condition for China to transform its economic development, expand domestic demands and lead technological innovation.

While the weight of the conversation in private will probably focus on innovation, one of the complaints about the operations of Apple in China is treatment that is given to employees of Foxconn factories that of Cupertino contract to manufacture its products. Californians have said that they will try to improve the conditions of workers.

Li, moreover, also has encouraged all international companies that have part of their business in China who try to make sure that workers employed at its facilities receive a good deal.

Then we leave you with a video of the news in Chinese, we’ve prepared a transcript (a little free, my level of mandarin is not very high).

On 27 March, the Deputy Prime Minister of Commerce of China, Li Keqiang, met with the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook American.
Li Keqiang said that global technology and industry are giving birth to entirely new solutions. If the global economy want to recover in a healthy and balanced with a strong growth at the same time that sustainable and balanced, said Li, the world needs the development and growth of new technologies and industries. The Chinese Government wants to adhere to scientific and technological progress, as well as to promote the development of the science that are sure to help accelerate the economic transformation of the country.
Focus on expanding the capacity of innovation, more attention and help the generation of emerging industries to accelerate the growth of an innovative country.
Since China is expected to multinational companies, including Apple to increase cooperation with China.
Cook said that they will try to enhance cooperation with China and will adapt their business model as they govern the laws of the country.

Curious to see how many lines dedicate to the words of the Minister and how many to Cook, right?