The New IPad Already Available in Some Countries: Begins Our Countdown, Campus Cupertino

We started the review to the iOS world This week we are ending with MotoHeroz, an amusing mixture of games cars and platforms, and a new game based on the Simpsons that does not convince us. I also had how to install iPhoto on the first-generation iPad without jailbreak. Interesting the theme of job creation that surrounds the world of mobile applications.

We still know a little more about the new iPad (less than a week so that it arrives to Spain), included unboxing, and loved a retro sleeve for iPhone that turns it into a Leica. One of the news in the world of apps of this week is the arrival of the great Sparrow mail client to iOS. If you use Gmail often will charm you. And we did us echo of the video game industry interest in the new iPad.

In Applesfera we could already yesterday same to slightly pry the new iPad, since it was release in some countries, and learned that the jailbreak for iOS 5.1 of the iPad 2 is very close. Also the children’s story of Santi Balmes we loved “I kill monsters for you” for iOS. In addition to all this, don’t miss our exclusive sections on video games for iOS at Arcadesfera or the great course of photography with iPhone we have been publishing for weeks. ¡Enjoy the week!