The IOS World Prepares to Receive 6 IOS Tomorrow, Campus Cupertino

A day to begin the WWDC2012 of Apple, started the week review of the iOS world. And we started with Xbox Smart Glass, a new technology from Microsoft to create intelligent in our iOS devices secondary displays. I showed them some curiosity behind the string of news from every iOS, and also how you can secure your device. In addition, we saw an interesting compilation of applications to access Google Docs in iOS (and OS X).

We speak also of Any.Do, a super Task Manager from the Android world that is already in iOS, and implementation a day Carnets Rubio lifetime, now in digital format. Curious also the affirmation of the product closer to the iPad dethrone… old iPad. We gave our opinion on the current status of notifications in iOS, and have been progressing to the arrival of the iPad version of Sparrow.

With which is falling, you maintain control of your expenses? Use Moni. And if what you want is to manage a project, Omniplan comes to the iPad. The official announcement of iOS 6 did not wait and we have seen it in the WWDC2012 advertising. We also saw how to use Doodle in iOS, iOS compatible Facebook applications Center and finally, five great tips for being more productive with your iOS device.

Don’t forget that tomorrow you have an appointment with Applesfera, where we will make a monitoring of the keynote of Apple in the WWDC2012, at 19:00 (hour Spanish peninsular). We read in brief!