Steve Wozniak Collects Its New Galaxy Nexus and His Android 4.0 on The Google Campus T-Shirt

Really curious it is the image of the week of our colleagues from Engadget Android. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple together with the late Steve Jobs, has returned to surprise friends and strangers with one of their peculiar appearances in public.

Apparently, Wozniak, non-Apple today, commented on his personal Twitter that I was throwing the eye to the new Galaxy Nexus Google and Samsung. It seems that Google did not think it is too much to talk to him and we can see the result in the images: Steve Wozniak walking through the campus of Google with its brand new Galaxy Nexus in hand, and with a shirt of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

We assume that Google had invited this charismatic myth of the computer nothing more know of his intentions and that everything else (possibly) ran to the Mountain View company account.

We have already seen a Wozniak in curious situations like this, like when was seen queuing at any Apple Store to get a new iPhone.

Steve Wozniak, an example of tolerance worthy of admiration

Personally I strongly applaud This kind of behaviour of Mr Steve Wozniak. How easy for him would be to take the current competition between Apple and Google to a field closed and personal, your old insurance partner who will be stirring in his grave (we all think that according to what was written in his biography recently).

But I think that the Healthy Wozniak behaviour lies in the extensive capacity of support all that development or company that represent a significant evolution in the technology market, take a manzanita, an androidecito or other non-logo on it. Many of us, users and companies, should take note of the Sage Wozniak and his open attitude.

They cazarán a photo of Steve Wozniak with put Android t-shirt? It would be really curious.