Sony Ericsson, HTC and Motorola Are Beginning to Promise Ice Cream Sandwich

Once officially launched Ice Cream Sandwich, what we want to know is when will come to the market, and how it is going to take the leading manufacturers Android make updates to their phones.

In recent days there has been news in this regard on Sony Ericsson, HTC, and Motorola, heavy weights in the market of Google’s operating system, and that insurance will be of interest to all:

Sony Ericsson, Ice Cream Sandwich for all

Sony Ericsson has pulled an ordago informing that all their phones released in 2011 they will have update to Ice Cream Sandwich. Thus we read in the Dutch version of the Facebook page of the company.

We understand that the update is aimed at a Xperia Play, Neo, Neo V, Mini and Mini pro, Active, Arc and Arc S. Many of these mono-core 1 GHz processor, would want this say something?, there will be no important minimum specifications for Ice Cream Sandwich?

We will see what is all this, and how long will take to get the updates, but the truth is that Sony Ericsson is committed to the cause, and the thing promises.

HTC also makes promises

Another to which likes Facebook, has also used the social network to inform us that they will try to carry the version Ice Cream Sandwich a few terminals possible.

Already us ahead of that studied the form of relate customizing Sense with the new Android version, and it is that we must not forget that even though mature Android, the Taiwanese like Mark differences.

Motorola sleeps with Google

We have no doubt that now that it is part of Google updates will be something very serious. The American company has decided that Star his phone, the Motorola Razr, you’ll have Ice Cream Sandwich.

Speaking of dates, and without citing models, ensure that six weeks after Android 4.0 becomes a reality, come to the main terminals Motorola.

We do not know who will be the first, but encourages us to meet the interest of all to advertise it. Yet to hear what tells Samsung with their phones, and we hope that there is no problem to get it to the Nexus you are already on the market.