Samsung Could Prepare an Important Update for Galaxy S, Rather Than Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung He is eager to sell phones, but you should also consider keeping customers. Decision to evaluate the update to Ice Cream Sandwich in Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab has been widely welcomed, of course, another question is what will make at the end.

Some may think that you better late that never, removed others desire to continue buying Samsung Android terminals, but is a reality that more and more people are interested in knowing how long will be supported on your terminal by the manufacturer, and It has as aspect of purchase.

The last thing we know about “the study” that Samsung is doing is that there is an intermediate possibility, wouldn’t want much to wait for Ice Cream Sandwich, but neither would leave blocked the evolution of the telephone.

The source of the news is Korean, and how on the first occasion is hard to interpret. “If we have to trust from an intermediate source, Sammy Hub, the third possibility would be to perform what they call as”Value Pack”, or update that improves vital parts of the system”.

He speaks with a development of the web browser, multitasking, or the arrival of new widgets, could put the system at a point very close to Ice Cream Sandwich.

It is not the first time we read something similar from the hand of Samsung, with the Wave 525 and 533, rather than offering Bada 2.0, He promised a “Value Pack” that will feature what’s new in version 2.0 of the OS.

How would you like the idea? For which walk a little lost, we have come to this news after two previous releases:

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