New Photos of a Prototype of IPhone 5 Could Have Hit The Nail on

UPDATE: During the development of the article, the portal KitGuru has withdrawn the news leaving the following note, which we leave to your own assessment:
Yesterday, we published an article with several images that highlight key design elements of the iPhone 5 Apple, which will be released officially at the end of this year. Due to external pressures, we can not fathom publicly, we have seen the need to delete both the article and all related images.

Would not be surprising that, with the passage of the weeks, we get to ask madness to high sometime in the early morning hours to start a section on rumors about the next generation of iPhone. And it is not for less. New images of a possible candidate to become in the “ new iPhone 5 & #8221; they come from the far East.

More specifically, the publication KitGuru has brought to light a series of images that allegedly show a prototype test in a State prior to its final release, which could take place during the month of August.

If something they have come to match different mockups that swarm across the network, as some alleged previous leaks, it is to the terminal screen equipped one major, at least 4 inch screen. Thus shown in the comparison image next to an iPhone 4S.

Furthermore, this so-called final prototype does not show in his outward appearance too many variations with the two previous models, so we could find something really new inside.

Until the date of its filing, we will not leave doubts. Yes we can be sure is that, from today until that happens, will be many more rumors that reach us on the subject. Best advertising, impossible.