Mozilla Is Already Testing Boot to Gecko, Web-Based Mobile Operating System

What Mozilla He is working on an operating system for mobile devices because what we knew, that it would be based on web standards, even know the project is known as: Boot 2 Gecko.

There are developments in the respect to have released images of the interface in Mozilla Wiki, and what we can see is an interface based on icons on iOS and Android style.

The idea is similar to that brought us webOS, both the system itself and applications based on web standards, moving away from the idea of native development of all major operating systems.

They are currently working and testing the development libraries, in them is touching the camera control, different connectivity, or phone features.

Two important points on which they are working are security and the creation of a layer of low level to place on a compatible device with Android, at the start, since the system will not have any java system of Google library.

Logically we cannot expect that Mozilla does not work with anything other than standards and open source, using HTML5 technology, or served by Android, Reliance Industries Limited, or Linux Libaudio.

For those interested, patience, at the end of 2012 we will have a public demo. Developer will probably be a phone that is optimized to test the system at the end of this year.