Instagram Bought by Facebook, Apple Is Defends Its Ebooks, 11 ITunes Price Is Approaching, Campus Cupertino

Although it has no direct relationship with the iOS world, the news of the last week was undoubtedly the purchase of Instagram from Facebook, hopefully operation serve to improve the popular social network’s photos. If it does you much grace that your photos from falling into the hands of Facebook, I showed them how to export Instagram photos to your hard drive. I also showed a curious attachment to (at least apparently) turn your iPad into a MacBook Air, and how Apple incorporated a useful section to speak in real time via chat with a specialist from the web the iPad.

We saw as Adobe Reader was updated to iOS, which now features support for firms and interaction, and we strolled with the news that Apple and five major U.S. publishers were sued for the price of your ebook (to what Apple was defended). I also showed, a curious way to see Geolocated tweets, and discovered as the new iTunes 11 will feature greater integration with iCloud and with support for the next iOS 6.

The relaunch of Currents (the “Fliboard” of Google) was finally around the world and you had how Apple could expand the iPhone screen to 4 “without making a larger device. We were able to see an iPad in the new generation of Foxconn factories manufacturing, and found some very interesting design for the new iPad guides. We read in a week!enjoy it!