IFixit Says Alleged The Next IPad Screen Will Be High Resolution

One of the rumors that is more giving to talk about environment to the new iPad is if you have Retina Display resolution or not. MacRumors guys managed to make one of these screens and After a series of tests they have decided to send it to iFixit, known experts in repair and disposal of gadgets, so these analyse it.

Although they have failed to make it work, this new screen uses a new type of cable, have shown that the display in question has twice the resolution)2048×1536) to the iPad 2. To do this, have passed it by the microscope to verify that indeed the new Apple tablet will have a higher pixel density.

Could it be Retina Display or not? That remains to be seen, the density of this screen is of 264 pixels per point. If you remember, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4, there was that it should have a density of 300 DPI to be considered Retina Display. However, as explained in video iFixit, iPad is not usa as close as a phone so much resolution is not necessary.

The explanation is good and is well founded. However, remember that It’s not official information. As you know, it is rumored that there will be an Apple event on March 7. If it were true, on Feb. 29 will begin to get invitations to media so we continue the presentation.