Goose: Sweet and Sour Flavors in Its New Collection Lookbook Autumn/Winter 2012

Signature goose lately we had a dilemma: We are fans of their shirts and their collection of shoes, but we were seeing that in regards to the rest of the garments was difficult to find a variety and something you’d like us if we value it in a general setting. That if the add the boom so large that it is having lately (with the loss of exclusivity that it entailed), leave us a sour taste in the mouth.

Its vintage style sometimes makes them too inaccessible and the variety of designs and colors of your shoes and shirts is subtracted by the lack of it in outerwear, jerseys or pants. But in view of its Lookbook autumn/winter 2012, It seems that things are changing in the signature.

More casual looks in that missing colorful

The prints of paintings they are one of the indisputable symbols of the firm the goose. But thank God, they do not abuse them as prints in the rest of the garments that are not shirts. Instead we find very flattering looks that are committed by navy looks wearing trench coats with frog closures closures, jerseys of eights with chunky knit in shades of pearls and Brown, Chinese pants with low returned in most striking colours to contrast with basic garments … ultimately, more likely to interact with the items each other and with the rest of collections on the market. Special mention to your collection of accessories for winter, in particular the scarves.

A more classic style and heritage on the label

Obviously, a firm whose creative line It is mostly focused on the sport and the casual, the label and the most elegant sets left a little large. But at least see initiative by the same work costumes two pieces, the most dynamic cuts blazers and clothes more suitable for elegant occasions. The shirts already have it made and attest that the footwear increasingly more shoes offer there is in oxford and boots with which to achieve a more formal outfit without losing that extra “ El Ganso ” has so many followers.