Facebook Camera, in a New Screen of IPhone Apps and The Possible Arrival of Office to IOS, Campus Cupertino

We started the review by the iOS world This week with a new video with “gameplay” of Infinty Blade: Dungeons, and Money, a useful Manager of finance for iOS (which is also available for OS X). We also talked about CordLite, a connector with led to facilitate their connection to our iOS devices. We read interesting comments from developers on the steps to take in applications if Apple changes the size of the screen of the iPhone. We tested Sony’s Music Unlimited, which is now available for iOS, and Parker Planner, an efficient calendar and Task Manager.

We also met an interesting new concept of release by means of folds for iOS, and a curious digital guitar gTar which you will learn to use thanks to the iPhone. DataMan Pro will be very useful for all those interested in measuring their consumption data, and Screenshot Journal for those who like to capture screens from your device and organize them easily. And a rumour that each day takes more force: the idea of a Microsoft Office for iOS, which could become this same November.

Yahoo surprised us with a new browser for iOS (who it was going to say!), and we saw the arrival of the editor Smultron to iOS with very good eyes. Also interesting Satechi Bluetooth, a remote control for iOS devices, and the new application for Facebook, Camera, a new social network of photography. Very interesting for people with celiac disease is igloo, to identify appropriate foods in the basket, and I gave seven easy tricks for iPad keyboard. See you in a week, enjoy it!