Eric Schimdt: Android Not There Is a Problem of Fragmentation, Only Differentiation

It is not teaching us no secret with his statements, but it is always good to know the opinion of the spokesmen of large business enterprises. Eric Schmidt says that it is not a problem of fragmentation that exists on Android, but freedom of differentiation of those who choose it.

So he said at CES 2012, where plenty of Android devices were presented and not many had the latest version of the system, Ice Cream Sandwich. Although it is also true that there is no important company that do not promise the update of their newest gadgets.

Schimdt argued that differentiation is positive, and fragmentation a negative concept. The important thing for them is to get that applications are available for all types of devices, with the personalization that every manufacturer wants to give Android.

“With freedom of differentiation give the possibility to manufacturers compete in what they consider their line of innovation, and have to convince us that their version is better than the rest”

He insisted that they have no problem that companies such as HTC changed from scratch the interface of the operating system while not breaking the application access.

No one asked him what happens when an application is developed to take advantage of the new features of the latest version of the operating system, and as we do not have it on a device, we can not make use of it. The truth is that Google has worked significantly on this problem with their own applications, but you cannot control the Android Market in full.

“What people should be concerned is of applications to run on their computers, not of whether the interface is different”

Recently it was announced that all manufacturers should leave within their versions of Ice Cream Sandwich Holo original theme, in such a way that third-party applications can get it by default, regardless of the personalization of the manufacturer.