Epic Games: Apple It Makes Missing a Control to Dominate The Video Game Market

Apple has no doubt that its portable products are an excellent market for the gaming industry, so did see own Tim Cook at the presentation of the new iPad, whereas a good substitute for traditional systems.

Epic Games, that is accompanying the people of Cupertino with your saga Infinity Blade in each new product feature, it is considered that it must be a remote control designed for iOS products, to get a better game experience.

Mike Capps, Epic Games, thinks that the devices hardware level is very good, and the possibilities of the touchscreen, too, but is aware that the lack of a conventional physical control, He closes the doors of many types of games where the physical interaction is vital.

Many options have seen by third parties, such as controls and iCade stands, or Gametel for Android devices, but would not be so bad that the own Apple created a control that developers could take advantage of.

Aside to arrive more and better applications, Apple has a long way to go with its technologies, such as the possibility of sending to the big TV games via APPLETV or AirPlay.

We remind you that Epic Games showed Infinity Blade: Dungeons along with the new iPad:

Remote control and connection to TV?

It is a debate that we have had on other occasions, but I find it interesting to resume with the arrival of more power in tablets and Smartphones. A control button are interested “ official ” for your devices?

If we take a look at the competition from Apple, Android devices, we have that outputs HDMI/MHL have turned in quite frequent, and we also have option to share content wirelessly, you value the ability to wirelessly connect your games to the TV?