A Stroll through Bada 2.0 in Samsung Wave 3. The System Passed The Eight Million Units Sold

Although the operating system of Samsung does not have much presence media as the key players in the market, and is not even present in markets such as the United States, it is performing well in the market.

We have decided to update you with some statistics, and step stroll in video by Bada 2.0 on the Samsung Wave 3 promising, since you like the idea with another not as publicized as Symbian Belle system.

According to the latest information we have, bada would have placed 8.1 million telephones in the market, an interesting figure for a system which only remains on the shoulders of Samsung, although there are rumors that I’d like to open it up to more manufacturers.

We found other interesting facts about the platform in discharges, which have enough activity, with 110 million downloads from Samsung Apps, where we can find more than 13,000 applications. The truth is that enough work in this aspect, with the arrival of important applications need.

Thankfully Samsung trust more in their own development than other calls to be alternatives, as webOS, in which HP do not have very clear what to do with it, hopefully they sell it at the best option, and if not so, to work in an ecosystem serious for years, as they have promised in the early hours.

This does not detract us critics with the Koreans, and putting batteries in regards to applications and updates, Since in what regards terminals, they seem pretty good.

With respect to the platform bada in the last quarter sales figures, Samsung does not give very specific data of your operating systems, but we know that 6 percent of the 28 million Smartphones are bada. Being critical, the figures are moderately good but not as high as expected to the own Samsung.

A stroll through Bada 2.0 in Samsung Wave 3

We especially highlight the new Samsung Wave 3, which the Korean company has made a video presentation with a stroll through Bada 2.0 more than eight minutes, in which the novelties of the new version are included. I hope you like it:

Some new features in Bada 2.0:

  • New screen lock with widgets
  • Greater customization of the desktop with widgets
  • Folders for applications
  • WiFi Direct
  • New Manager for multitasking
  • Caster, a service to share content from the web to the phone
  • ChatON

Remember that bada appeared on the market in June 2010, with the spectacular Samsung Wave as presentation terminal, today in day can be catalogued, hardware, such as a current Smartphone. For who has doubts about the future of the platform, Samsung is already working on bada 3.0 design.