365 Million IOS Devices Sold, Woz Prefer Windows Phone to Android, Campus Cupertino

We started the review by the iOS world with three useful applications to scan with our devices and a preview of what will be the fantastic implementation of Youzee. I also had as a release by SAM the iPhone from Cydia (though Apple has already done it to block). We talked also about Camera Awesome, a new app from photography in a sector with many competitors today.

Seemed curious charge Bot, a game entirely created with an iPad, and I had as soon will be the official Google Drive app for iOS. As a tutorial, how to use a map with a location in iOS reminders, and tasted UguardMe, an adhesive protector for iPhone 4/4S. The record of this week were the 365 million sold iOS devices that have generated $ 110 billion in the coffers of Apple… almost anything.

OS recommended a good book for photographers with iPad, and After Focus, a good application to apply adjustments with your iPhones. We find more additional topics for iBooks Author, and if you need an extra battery for your iOS device, here’s the Mophie Juice. Finally, a spectacular application to capture videos in slow motion with the iPhone, and the always surprising statements of Woz on Windows Phone: “I prefer it to Android”. Enjoy the weekend!